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30 Jun 2014

Triple-Pane Windows vs. Double-Pane Windows

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Everyone knows that double-pane windows are significantly better than single-pane windows. Offering better energy efficiency for your home and overall comfort level for your family. So the question is, can triple-pane windows really increase that efficiency and comfort level that much? The answer is yes, and here’s why:

Increased Thermal Performance

Triple-pane Windows | Express Window Services

We all know that with a double-pane window the thermal resistance is greater than the single-pane windows. So it stands to reason that with a triple-pane window the thermal performance and resistance will be even better. With double and triple pane windows, there is an air or gas filled space that helps insulate the window, preventing heat transfer through the window. In a double-pane window, there is only one of these spaces, and with a triple-pane window there are two. So with a triple-pane window, you get a much better insulated window, helping prevent heat loss in the winter, and heat gain in the summer. Keeping the temperature in your home regulated with energy efficient windows will help keep energy costs done by not making your heating/cooling system work too hard to regulate temperatures in your home.

Increased Comfort Level

It makes sense that if you have energy efficient windows in your home that your family will be more comfortable. With triple-pane windows, the temperature fluctuations are greatly decreased. So when you move from one room to another, you will not notice the temperature difference as much, even if one room is facing north and the other is facing south.

Below is a great video by One Sky Homes that illustrates the difference between a top of the line double-pane window and an entry level triple-pane window.