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30 Oct 2015

Tired of the Noise? Consider Installing Double Pane Windows!

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It is amazing just how much noise can come through a single pane window. You can hear the neighbors having a normal conversation over dinner, cars passing by on the street, sirens from ambulances as they race through town, and even the wind or rain. In fact, it is nearly impossible to get a moment of peace with single pane windows. Luckily there is a solution available – new windows from Express Window Services in Tacoma, Washington.

The Reduction of Noise Thanks to Double Pane Windows

Surprisingly, just replacing single pane windows with double pane windows can dramatically reduce the amount of noise you hear in your home. The reduction in noise will vary depending upon what type of double pane windows that are installed, but you could see a reduction of anywhere from 25% to 50%.

Single Pane Windows Can Work for Noise Reduction

Sometimes replacing existing windows with double pane windows may not be an option. If you are unable to replace your windows with double pane windows, there are still options for you that can help you reduce noise.

Installing windows that are ¼” thick can help dramatically reduce the amount of noise you experience in your home. It wouldn’t be as effective as double pane windows, but it will provide you with some protection against all that noise.

Double Pane Windows Can Help with More Than Noise Reduction

Think double pane windows are just good for helping to reduce noise? Think again! There are a number of benefits you will receive from installing double pane windows.

Some benefits include:

  • Fewer air leaks, which help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Better energy efficiency
  • UV coatings or glazing available to reduce harmful UV rays

If you are thinking of replacing your current windows with double pane windows in an effort to reduce noise, let the experts at Express Window Services help. We will gladly help you pick out windows that offer you the best noise reduction for your home.

Just think about it. Peace and quiet is just one window installation away!