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24 Jan 2018

The Secret to Cleaning Windows on the Upper Floors

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Cleaning windows on the upper floors can be difficult as you can’t just walk outside and start cleaning. The windows are so high that you need a ladder to reach them, but only if you have older windows. Newer windows, like those available at Express Window Services, offer homeowners a quick, easy way to clean their windows.

New Windows that Tilt Inwards

In the past, windows used to only open one way – up and down. By only being able to open the window up and down, it made cleaning the window difficult especially if you were trying to clean the outside portion of the window. Now, with new window designs it is easier to clean your windows.

A double hung window is uniquely designed to tilt inwards. The inward tilt allows homeowners to quickly and easily reach the outer glass of a window without having to drag out a ladder or even go outside.

How to Clean Double Hung Windows

It is fairly easy to clean double hung windows. First, you push the lower portion of the window upwards. After it has been raised about three inches, you take the two tilt latches on the side, squeeze them and tilt the window inward. This gives you quick, easy access to the outside of the window so it can be cleaned.

You will clean the outside of the window just like you clean the inside. A little glass cleaner, a soft towel, and a little water and the window will be clean and clear in no time.

Express Window Services has a wide variety of different double hung windows that are perfect for your home. Stop by our showroom in Tacoma, Washington to see if these windows would work for your home. If you discover double hung windows aren’t a good fit, we have a number of different windows in various sizes and designs that may work for you.

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