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21 Mar 2017

Replacing Windows or Conducting Renovations on Homes That May Have Lead Paint?

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Express Window Services | Lead PaintLead paint is a huge concern for many homeowners, especially if their home was built prior to 1978. If you are planning on having your windows replaced or even doing basic renovations around your home and there is a concern that lead paint might be present, a company that has an EPA Lead Certification must perform those renovations.

We will take a look at who might need to use an EPA Lead Certified worker for renovations, why this is necessary, and how we at Express Window Services can help you.

Why is Lead Paint Certification Required?

Lead-based paint is extremely toxic. It has been known to cause problems not only to the environment, but to the individuals who are in close contact with the paint. Children, homeowners, even workers who worked with lead based paint have reported experiencing multiple health problems that have been traced back to the use of this specific type of paint.

Due to the toxic nature of lead-based paint, there are specific ways to handle the removal of the paint or renovations that may happen near the lead based paint. This is put into place to protect the safety of not only the homeowner and workers, but the environment.

Workers and companies that have lead-based paint certification have gone through extensive training to learn how to properly handle abatement activities. This extensive knowledge makes them capable of handling home renovations or window replacement in homes where lead=based paint may have been used.

Who Should be Concerned about Lead Based Paint?

Lead-based paint was commonly used prior to 1978. In fact, it was proven so hazardous that it was banned nationwide in 1978. The ban put into place prevented the use of lead-based paint in any residential house or facility where children frequented, such as a daycare.

Who Needs a Lead Based Paint Certified Worker?

You will need to use a company or worker with an EPA Lead Certification if you have a residential or child-occupied facility that was built before 1978 and you plan on doing any of the following:

  • Interior renovations that will disturb more than 6 square feet
  • Exterior renovations that will disturb 20 square feet

Failure to use a worker or company that has an EPA Lead Certification for these types of projects could result in costly fines from the EPA and even your local government.

Express Window Services has a certified lead base paint worker on staff who can handle these types of projects. We are also a lead base paint certified company. If you live in the Tacoma, Washington area and are planning on having your windows replaced or are planning on home renovations in a building that may have lead paint, let us help. Call us today to learn more about our services.