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Milgard Windows and Doors – Tacoma, WA

Express Window Services is a Milgard Certified Dealer and is happy to promote the highest quality windows and doors available today.  This page will help you choose and show you why Milgard is “Clearly the Best.™”

Milgard is one of the largest and most trusted names in windows and doors.  For more than 50 years, they’ve demonstrated their commitment to innovation, quality and service.

While their coverage is extensive, their service is local.  Milgard has multiple locations throughout the Western U.S.  Their belief is that by being close to their customers, they can provide you better service.  This means faster lead and delivery time, as well as faster response to any warranty situations.  They’re there for you long after the job has been completed.

Milgard controls the entire production, delivery, and service process, keeping quality a priority and lead times to a minimum.  As they continue to grow, their focus remains on building one exceptional window and door at a time.

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Products from Milgard

Tuscany® Sliding Patio Doors

Featuring Blinds Between the Glass


  • Blinds sealed in the glass unit allow them to stay clean and free of debris and eliminate the need for dusting and cleaning of blinds.
  • Durable aluminum slats control light and privacy while protecting your home’s finishes from harmful UV rays.
  • Magnetic lift and tilt controls keep the glass unit sealed, allow for no external cords, and are safe for pets and small children.
  • SmartTouch® door handle for ease of operation.
  • SunCoat® Low-E2 glass comes standard. This microscopically thin coating is applied to one side of the glass to reflect heat from its source in the summer, keep heat inside in the winter and reduce harmful UV rays.
  • 10 year specialty glass warranty. For complete warranty details visit

Milgard Tuscany series

Quiet Line™ Series Glass

Windows.  A Great Place to Start

Whether it’s the scream of a fire truck passing by, or the drone of a neighbor’s barking dog, the overall comfort of your home is impacted.  While we can’t keep all the sounds outside your home from getting in, windows are the best way to greatly reduce sound without major structural changes to your home. Simply put, sound originates from something making vibrations.

These vibrations spread out in all directions – much like the ripples created when a stone is dropped in still water.  Your ears register these air pressure changes as sound – the larger the wave, the louder the sound.  The closer together the waves are, the the higher the pitch of the sound.  Windows, doors, walls, fences, and other structural elements of a home act as barriers to exterior sounds by disrupting these “waves” on their way to your ears.

Milgard’s Quiet Line Series windows begin with the same vinyl material and craftsmanship that has won Milgard the distinction of Builder Magazine’s “Highest Quality Vinyl Windows in the Nation” seven times.  Add to this Milgard’s advanced engineering and high performance glazing options and you have some of the highest sound control options available in residential windows.

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Milgard Quiet Line Windows

SunCoatMAX® Low-E Glass Technology

High-performance Low-E insulating Glass

Milgard SunCoatMAX® Low-E insulating glass sets a new standard.  Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, SunCoatMAX® Low-E delivers the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, making it the perfect glass choice – no matter where you live.  Beat summertime heat and fight winter’s heat loss.  Fight back UV’s costly damage.  SunCoatMAX® Low-E insulating glass can be used to enhance the performance of your windows and patio doors to meet or exceed today’s stringent energy codes.

Capture the SunCoatMAX year-round advantages:

  • Improved Summertime Solar Heat Gain Reduction.
  • Increased Wintertime Interior Comfort.
  • Greater Ultraviolet Light Blockage protects your valuable home furnishings and floors.

Beat Summertime Heat

Summertime relief used to mean cranking up the air conditioning.  Our solution?  Milgard SunCoatMAX Low-E insulating glass.  Milgard SunCoatMAX provides substantial protection from both UV-A and UV-B rays.  That’s protection yo just can’t receive with ordinary Low-E glass or certainly clear glass alone.  The SunCoatMAX Low-E coating provides the best clarity and highest performance for all solar control Low-E glass products.  Superior glass shading benefits without having to sacrifice natural light flowing into your home.

Fight Winter’s Heat Loss

During winter’s fury, the use of Milgard SunCoatMAX increases the glass surface temperature at the center of each window in your home.  This is important for your wintertime comfort.  In fact, the “Efficient Windows Collaborative” ( suggest that when glass surface temperatures fall below 52°F, there is a risk of thermal discomfort.  Ordinarily, 75% of a window’s exposed surface is glass, and the interior glass temperature affects your room’s air temperature.

Fight Back UV’s Costly Damage

Gain extensive UV protection by using Milgard for your new windows and patio doors.  When your sofa, rugs, and flooring fade, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are a main cause.  SunCoatMAX offers superior UV protection in addition to superior energy savings.  Milgard SunCoatMAX Low-E insulating glass provides an incredible 95% ultraviolet light blockage.

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Milgard SunCoatMAX Low-E Insulating Glass

PureView® Window Screen

Focus on the outside view, instead of the screen.

Better Views

Milgard’s innovative PureView window screen raises the bar in fresh air screens.  With smaller yarns, the strands of the screen block less of your vision, so your view out the window is clearer.  It’s a better, purer view.  The smaller yarns increase light transmittance, allowing more natural light to fill the room.  The finer mesh also reduces the appearance of the screen, which enhances the curb appeal of the home.

Improved Performance

Improved fresh airflow provides more comfort.  And while the individual yarns are a smaller diameter, the holes between the yarns are actually smaller than conventional fiberglass screens.  This results in added protection against very small insects and particles.  The fiberglass material provides excellent durability in all climates, but is ideal in coastal regions.  The fiberglass mesh will resist corrosion and breakdown.


  • Smaller aperture of opening provides better particle protection
  • Mesh design utilizes smaller yarn to improve curb appeal
  • Greater openness (74% versus standard screen at 59%) allows:
    • More light to enter your home
    • Greater airflow for better ventilation
    • Increased optical clarity for clearer views

Upgrade Available On

  • Essence Series wood windows and patio doors (upgrade includes premium screen frames)
  • Tuscany® Series vinyl windows and patio doors
  • Ultra Series fiberglass windows and patio doors
  • WoodClad Series fiberglass windows and patio doors
  • Montecito® Series vinyl windows

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Milgard PureView Screens

Vinyl Garden Window

Architecturally superior and beautifully simple.  Now you can enjoy all the sunlight and shining beauty of the most architecturally and functionally superior window on your block.


  • All Rounded Corners & Frame
  • Welded Vinyl Frame
  • SunCoat® Low-E Insulated Glass
  • Aluminum Nail Fin Perimeter
  • Easy-Opening Side Vents
  • Fully Adjustable Tempered Glass Shelves
  • Fully Insulated 3/4″ thick Bottom Board
  • Attractive lower support brackets included
  • Clear Outside View

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Milgard Vinyl Garden Window

Ultra™ and WoodClad™ Series

Fiberglass Windows and Doors

If you can dream it…

Imagine the home of your dreams.  You’ve thought about it many times – warm rooms full of light and life.  Maybe there’s a master bedroom just waiting for the window to capture the perfect sunset view.  Or a cheery kitchen that needs a bay window to let the sunshine stream into the breakfast nook on a relaxed Sunday morning.

We can build it…

This is your chance to make your dreams real.  Big or small homes, new or remodeled, classic or contemporary, Milgard Ultra™ and WoodClad™ fiberglass windows and doors add impact and value to your home.

Ultra™ Series Windows

Ultra – as the name implies – was designed to be the ultimate in window and door frame material.  Ultra combines the benefits of fiberglass with the style of traditional wood windows.

When you first look at a Milgard Ultra Series window, you might think that it’s painted wood.  That’s no coincidence.  In fact, the window was designed to match the beauty and profile of a wood window product, while avoiding the maintenance issues that wood windows face.

For appearance and performance, Ultra offers an upscale look that will complement any home.  Its baked-on paint finish won’t peel or eggshell, unlike a painted wood finish.

One of the toughest windows you can find, Ultra will make a wonderful addition to your home.

Woodclad™ Series Windows

Milgard WoodClad fiberglass windows are built with the same fiberglass frame as our Ultra series, but have a beautiful vertical grain Douglas Fir interior that is ready to take your stain or seal coat.

When it comes to the details, Milgard doesn’t stop at providing the highest quality wood.  Thanks to some ingenious engineering, WoodClad windows have no unsightly staples or nail holes that are so common in ordinary wood windows.  Because of fiberglass’s outstanding strength and durability, we have the ability to provide you with the custom shapes, sizes, and configurations you demand.

WoodClad windows offer the best of both worlds – the durability of a fiberglass frame, with the warmth of a clear, vertical-grain Douglas Fir veneered interior, all built to your specifications and expertly crafted for your home.

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Milgard Ultra and WoodClad Windows

Tuscany® Series Vinyl Windows and Doors

Traditional design.  Endless possibilities.

Tuscany® Series vinyl windows and doors offer you endless possibilities no matter what the style – or size – of your home project.

With equal site lines and a frame shape that creates shadow lines, Tuscany Series vinyl windows are very much in the tradition and architectural styling of wood windows.

But because they are made from our own durable premium vinyl, Tuscany Series windows have superior performance and energy efficiency.

Tuscany Series windows and doors give you choices:

  • A broad range of operating styles
  • Custom sizes for any specification
  • Unique shapes and limitless combinations
  • Innovative features such as the SmartTouch® lock
  • Multiple design options for grids, glass, and colors

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Montecito® Series Vinyl Windows and Doors

No matter what the style – or size – of your project, Montecito® vinyl windows and doors are an excellent choice.

Montecito Series windows and doors are specifically designed and engineered for new construction projects and your installation needs.  They also offer a broad range of operating styles, colors, and accessories for any architectural style.

The SmartTouch® hardware provides peace of mind with one-touch operation.  Their built-in energy efficiency and optional upgrades make them perfect for your next project.  Milgard windows and doors are custom made to your exact specifications with no additional lead time.

Energy saving options that make a noticeable difference

All Montecito® Series windows can meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® qualifications and come standard with our exclusive Milgard SunCoat® Low-E Insulating glass.  With an affordable upgrade to our 3D MAX® energy package, even greater energy efficiency can be achieved.

To develop the three dimensions of energy efficiency, Milgard engineers start with the highest quality vinyl, integrate the design of the window to reduce thermal transfer and then glaze the window with the best glass and warm edge spacer technology.  For complete details of our energy packages contact Express Window Services today.

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Milgard Montecito Series

Essence™ Series Wood Windows and Doors

Dependability.  Re-defined.

For almost 50 years, Milgard has been known for dependability.  In fact, they were one of the first manufacturers to extrude their own vinyl and pultrude their own fiberglass structural components.  By creating their own materials, they can monitor quality more closely.

Today, they continue their tradition of excellence by introducing a new wood window that lives up to the Milgard name.  New Essence™ Series windows and doors embody beauty and strength.  Style and innovation.  Comfort and creativity.  Design and durability.

Inside, Essence windows are natural, solid wood.  Outside, they have a strong fiberglass exterior that won’t rot or warp like ordinary wood-only windows.  This exceptional durability is why Milgard can offer something you simply won’t find with other wood windows: a Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage Coverage.

Milgard’s creativity and innovative spirit pushed them to re-imagine window design and energy efficiency.  They have patents pending for innovations such as a new tilt latch, sash binder, mull system, and their HydroGard™ water management system.  Essence delivers it all and in substantially shorter lead times than other wood windows – even for custom sizes.

Milgard started from scratch and re-imagined just about everything

  • The Essence™ Series fiberglass exterior is resistant to water, cold, heat, insects, salt air, and ultraviolet rays which make these windows last longer and require very little maintenance.
  • The powder-coated fiberglass exterior finish won’t crack, peel, bend, warp, or stick due to expansion and contraction, and will never need painting.
  • All Essence™ Series windows meet ENERGY STAR® requirements.
  • Every Essence™ Series window is made to your exact size and specification with no additional lead times.
  • Seemingly endless design possibilities with options on exterior color, interior finish, windows in combinations, decorative glass and traditional or contemporary grids.
  • Essence™ Series windows use a newly engineered mulling system that more securely connects multiple units, creating a tight seal and protecting against air and water infiltration.
  • Awarded the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation in recognition of the SmartTouch lock’s innovation and universal design.
  • New, sleek tilt latches with recessed push buttons on Milgard’s double hung and glider windows allow for easy tilt opening and convenient cleaning.
  • Milgard has developed the new, advanced HydroGard™ water management system, exclusive to Essence™ Series windows.  In the rare event that water enters the sash system, it is directed away from the beautiful wood interior.  This allows the window to perform t a higher design pressure than most other wood windows, making Essence windows ideal for all conditions.
  • Essence™ Series windows and doors exceed industry residential standards for air and water filtration and forced entry, making Essence windows strong against the elements and giving you added security for your home.

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Milgard Essence Series Windows


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