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28 Jan 2015

Liven up Your Home with a Garden Window

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Adding a garden window to your home brings a great, unique design element to any room. If you are considering investing in some garden windows for your home, consider these great benefits that they have to offer:

Express Window Services | Garden WindowMore Lighting in Your Home!

Garden windows are great for adding additional natural lighting to your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Most quality windows will have UV protection, so you don’t have to worry about all that sunlight harming your furniture or interior walls/fixtures.

Plants! Plants Everywhere!

Garden windows are designed perfectly to accommodate all of your interior houseplants because of the abundance of sunlight they can provide. Adding plants to your home helps keep the room fresher and cleaner. Plus, they look pretty, too. Ever thought about starting a miniature indoor herb garden? What about needing a perfect spot to display your flowers from your outdoor gardens? A garden window can provide the perfect shelf space for any plants or items (doesn’t need to be plants) you want to display in your home.

Great Exterior Architectural Feature!

Adding a garden window to your home can also improve the aesthetics of the exterior of your home. Garden windows typically have four panes of glass or vinyl – one on each side, one on the front, and a slanted pane on top (slanted to prevent build-up of water). The side windows usually open up, to allow great air flow into your home. Garden windows aren’t typically tinted in any way, so you will be able to see your beautiful display of plants or trinkets from outside your home as well. Lastly, because the window extends outward, it creates a great 3D effect to add a special little design element to your home.

There are some self-installing (easy install) garden windows out on the market. If you know what you are doing these are a valid option.  We recommend hiring a professional installer to get your garden window set up properly. This will ensure that there are no structural problems, leaks, etc. A professional can also help you make sure you get the right garden window for your home.

Express Window Services are experts at installing garden windows, and we offer top of the line windows from Milgard Windows, so you know you will be getting a great product. To see more about the specifications on our Milgard Garden Vinyl Windows, take a look at this brochure.