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30 Jun 2013

How Can I Tell If I Have Energy Efficient Windows?

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Would you like to know if your home has energy efficient windows? There are some quick and easy things you can check for to see if your existing windows are energy efficient or not.


U-Factor is the amount of heat transferred through a material.  With a low U-Factor, the heat will flow more slowly through the material and will have a better insulating quality.  Most windows have a rating label from the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) on them, so you can check what U-factor the windows have been rated at.


window insulation

Another feature you can look at is the framing in which your windows are set.  Most windows will be set in wood, aluminum (or another metal), or vinyl material.  Wood frames tend to be the least energy efficient due to their expanding and contracting tendencies when weather changes.  This will cause air leakage around the windows and loss of heat. Aluminum frames are also not terribly efficient, because aluminum is easily heated and therefore can transfer heat from outside in or vice versa.  Your best option would be an insulated vinyl product.  Insulated vinyl windows will greatly reduce the amount of heat loss through conduction and limit air leakage.

Single Pane or Double Pane?

Double pane windows tend to be much more energy efficient when compared to single pane windows.  In addition, if the layers of each pane of glass are thicker, than they will provide more insulation from outside elements.  The space between two panes of glass can reduce heat transfer and can greatly reduce condensation buildup on the window.

Technologies For Energy Efficient WindowsWindow Technologies

There are several other technologies available for windows to help keep them energy efficient, but may be harder to detect.  Heat-resistant coatings (Low-E), reflective coatings, heat absorbing tints, and gas fills are some of the technologies available.


If you discover that your windows are not very energy efficient, it may be more cost effective to replace them with newer, upgraded windows to help reduce heating and cooling costs, reduce your energy consumption, and keep your home more comfortable year-round.