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29 Jun 2016

Framed vs. Frameless Shower Doors

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Whether you are remodeling your current bathroom or building one in a new home, you will be faced with the need to make a decision regarding what type of shower door you will have installed.

When it comes to shower doors, you will have two options: framed shower doors and frameless shower doors. Both options perform the same function – to keep water out of the bathroom and in the shower – but the similarities end there.

Framed and frameless shower doors have several unique features that make them different from each other. In an effort to help you make a decision regarding which shower door to install, we will explore some of the differences.

The Aesthetic Difference

The biggest difference between framed shower doors and frameless shower doors is the way they look. Framed shower doors come with a metallic border. This metallic border, which is often available in a variety of colors, can add a decorative touch to the bathroom. Unfortunately, there is one downside – the inability to showcase the tiles and design of the shower.

For those who wish to showcase the tilework in their shower, a frameless shower door may be more appropriate. Frameless shower doors have an open view that creates a nice, air appearance. When these are installed, people are free to look at the tilework in the shower without having a metallic border in the way.

The Possibility of Water Leaking Out into the Bathroom

Another big difference when it comes to framed vs. frameless shower doors is their potential to leak. Framed shower doors tend to be more secure, which keeps the water in the shower area.

Unfortunately, frameless shower doors do not have the border around it to create the seal needed to keep water in. This does not mean that frameless shower doors will leak, it just means over time they have a higher tendency to leak.

Frameless are Easier to Maintain and Clean

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your shower doors, the frameless models tend to be easier to handle. Since these doors don’t have a metallic border, they are easier to clean. All you have to do is spray it down with soap and water, and clean.

Framed shower doors aren’t too hard to clean, but it does take more time. You will spend more time cleaning framed shower doors because you have to clean around the nooks and crannies created by the framed border.

If you want to learn more about framed shower doors and frameless shower doors, contact the experts at Express Window Services in Tacoma, Washington. We will gladly help you compare the two types of models and determine which one is right for your home.