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Fogged Windows

Fogged Windows | Express Window ServicesFogged windows are caused when the seal between the two sheets of glass fails and is compromised in some way. i.e. a hole, crack or deterioration from exposure to sun, weather or chemicals. A failed unit is usually noticed by fog or moisture buildup between the two pieces of glass. This will not get better over time.  It may look like it disappears in nicer weather but will continue to get worse over time.

Fogged Windows can damage your home causing costly repairs

There is an easy solution. A sealed unit can be removed from the frame of the unit and a new sealed unit can be placed back in to the frame in a matter of minutes. Even though the glass is not broken on a fogged unit, both pieces of glass have to be replaced with a factory-sealed unit.

This is a great opportunity to replace your existing glass with energy efficient glass and foam spacers to give you better insulation from the cold and heat. This will keep your family more comfortable in all weather conditions.

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