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28 Jun 2017

Exterior Window Trim – More Than Just a Decorative Touch

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The trim that borders your windows, which is known as exterior window trim, might look like it is there to add a decorative touch to your home, but it serves a very practical purpose. Over the years, it has been used by homeowners as a way to brighten up the exterior paint on a home. Using it for decorative purposes has caused many people to lose sight of why it is needed.

We will take a look at the practical reason why every window requires exterior window trim.

Window Trim Keeps Water and Moisture from Damaging Your Home

The entire purpose of window trim is to protect your home. The trim around the top, known as head casing, and the trim along the bottom, known as a windowsill, are designed to keep water and moisture from entering gaps around the window.

If water or moisture gets into those gaps, it could cause mold to grow and even damage the structure of the home. The window trim will keep this moisture or water from getting into the gaps and causing this type of damage.

Different Types of Exterior Window Trim

Even though the purpose of the window trim is the same, there are various styles and designs. Homeowners can customize the appearance of their home by choosing the style and design that best achieves the look they want for their home.

Some examples of exterior window trim styles and designs include:

  • Fluted trims
  • Exterior trims with rosettes
  • Elaborate mill work with various carvings and intricate detailing
  • Simple frame that resembles a picture frame with a windowsill at the bottom

Let Us Help You Find the Best Exterior Window Trim for Your Home

Express Window Services can replace or repair the exterior window trim on your home when you have new windows installed. Replacing and repairing the exterior window trim while having new windows installed will save you money as all the work is being done at once.

Finding the best trim for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact us today to explore your options or stop by our showroom. We will gladly help you explore your options and find the best options for your home.