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Installing New Energy Efficient Windows Can Increase Overall Efficiency Of Your Home

Installing energy efficient windows in your home can help reduce energy costs, saving money on your yearly bills.  Windows provide homes with natural light, warmth, and ventilation, but can also negatively impact your home’s energy efficiency. Energy Efficiency There are many factors that determine how energy efficient a home is.  A home that has a.. read more →

Low-E coatings on glass help save heat in the winter and let your house stay cool in the summer!

What is a Low-E coating on glass? E, or emissivity, is basically a measurement of how much heat can get through your glass.  Untreated glass has a high E rating, meaning heat from infrared (IR) energy transfers easily into your home.  A low-E coating helps to insulate the glass and prevent so much thermal transfer… read more →

Why are Double-Pane Windows so Important?

Components of a Double-Pane Window What good is a double-paned window? Most will have at a minimum: Double-pane insulated glass Heat-resistant (Low-E) glass coating Airtight frames ENERGY STAR® rating Three Dimensions of Energy Efficient Window Design—An energy-efficient window is a synergy of its components. At Milgard®, we call this the “three dimensions of energy efficient.. read more →