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15 Jun 2018

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Glass Table Tops

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Glass Table Top | Express Window ServicesBefore purchasing a glass table top for your home office, kitchen, or dining room it is important to determine if this is the right type of home furnishing for you. While a glass table top looks elegant, yet contemporary, it isn’t right for everyone. Exploring the pros and cons of this type of home decor will help you determine if a glass table top is right for your home or office.

The Pros of Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops have quickly become a favorite home or office furnishing because they have such an elegant, yet modern look. The ability to look both modern, yet elegant allows them to easily be integrated into almost any room of the house or office without having to completely redo the entire room’s decor.

The beautiful look and design of glass table tops isn’t the only reason why people choose this type of home furnishing. Other reasons why these types of tables have become so popular include:

  • Instantly lights up a room as light is easily distributed throughout the room thanks to the glass table top
  • Creates the appearance of a larger room
  • Combines beautifully with wooden floors or home furnishings
  • Extremely low maintenance – glass table tops can be cleaned just using water and a soft towel or sponge.

The Cons of Glass Table Tops

There are, unfortunately, a few downsides to furnishing a room with a glass table top. While some individuals may not have a problem with these downsides, others may find that these problems make it difficult to have a glass table.

Some of the downsides to a glass table include:

  • Regularly cleaning is required to keep the table looking elegant and beautiful
  • Table top is not as sturdy as wood or other materials
  • Glass can be extremely dangerous if it chips or breaks
  • Costing more than other tables

After thinking about the pros and cons you have decided you want a glass table, Express Window Service in Tacoma can help you. We can help you explore your options for glass tables and determine what option is the best fit for your home or office. To learn more about glass table tops or to explore your options contact us to schedule a visit with one of our representatives or request a free estimate.