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13 Jul 2015

Create the Home of Your Dreams with Custom Windows

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Why force your home to conform to window sizes? Now, with the general contractor services provided by the professionals at Express Window Services, you don’t have to build a home to fit pre-existing window sizes. The windows can be made to fit the unique layout of your home.

One-Size Fits All Option No More

Many window companies force customers to have to choose between windows of various sizes that they keep in stock at all times. While this may provide people with the opportunity to quickly pick out windows and have them installed, it may provide limited options.

For example, customers who wish to have a large bay window installed may be forced to select from several different designs. None of which may be exactly what the customer envisioned. That is where our general contracting services can help.

Achieve the Home Design of Your Dreams with General Contracting Services

Express Window Services has a number of experienced general contractors on hand to help customers create the home of their dreams. If a customer has a unique request for a window, whether it is a need for an oddly shaped window or just a need to install a window that is smaller or larger than normal, we can accommodate that request.

Our general contractors will be able to do the following:

  • Create windows that are bigger or smaller than normal
  • Cut windows to fit specific design sizes (ovals, squares)
  • Create various aluminum windows in custom made designs

Have a current project that may need custom windows? Contact us at Express Window Services. We make the custom-ordering process as easy as possible, and try to accommodate all requests in a timely manner.