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22 Feb 2014

What to Consider When Choosing a Patio Door

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Glass patio doors are a very common feature in any modern home. They provide convenient access to your outdoor living spaces, while allowing natural light into your home.  In today’s market, there are many types of designs and features available for patio doors. Below are some of the popular styles available and some features to look for when deciding on the right patio door for your home.

StylesExpress Window Services | Patio Door

French Doors

The most classic design, French doors, are a great addition to any home.  They provide a very elegant element to your home while providing great natural light to the interior of your home. French doors can swing both in or out, so you will need to consider the floor space they will take up in order to open them properly. There are also limitations on the size of doors you can have.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the most popular type of patio door in today’s market. They take up very little floor space in your home, because they slide on a single track. They also come in a wide range of materials and styles, including french sliding, telescoping, and lift/sliding. Sliding doors are by far the most flexible option for any home.

Folding Doors

Certainly not the most common design, but definitely a stunning addition to your home. Folding doors can accommodate a large opening that a french door or sliding door simply cannot. Allowing such a large opening can create an unparalleled and seamless relationship between the interior of your home and the great outdoors.


Framing MaterialsExpress Window Services | Patio Door

Same as with any normal window installment, you will need to consider what types of materials are available for your door. The options available to you may seem overwhelming, but rest assured, there is the right product for your home. Do you want wood frame or vinyl? Single pane glass or double?


A very flexible product, fiberglass doors are built to withstand the temperature changes we often see here in the great Pacific Northwest. They also require very little maintenance and can last a very long time without deteriorating.


Vinyl products are used mostly for their energy efficiency and their durability. It also requires very little maintenance and will maintain its appearance (no fading, peeling, rotting, etc.) of long periods of time.


Wood doors will give you a very natural look and feel to your home and is environmentally friendly. Also with wood frames you get the advantage of having many different types, textures, and colors to choose from. But also take into consideration that wood products require more maintenance in order to prevent them from rotting over longer periods of time.


Energy Efficiency should always be a factor when choosing the right materials for your door. Double-pane and Low-e windows are incredibly efficient and can help lower the overall energy cost of your home by allowing minimal heat loss through your windows in the winter and minimal heat penetration into your home in the summer.