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20 Jan 2014

5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

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Now that Winter is officially here, it’s time to look at your home and see if you have done all the necessary steps to prepare your home for winter and ensure that it is protected throughout the frigid temperatures and icy conditions.  Below are some of the easy, do-it-yourself tasks that can really protect your home and ensure your family is comfortable all season long.

Ceiling fans

Most ceiling fans have a multi-directional function on them. You can have them spin clockwise or counterclockwise. Make sure your fans are all turning in a clockwise direction. This will create an updraft and push down all that warm air that is stuck up near the ceiling. Remember, heat travels up. This is especially helpful if you have high or vaulted ceilings.

Seal up your windows

Take a good look through of all your home’s windows and doors.  Look for gaps in the crevasses where the caulking may have become brittle and cracked during the warmer summer months. A good general rule of thumb, if the crack or space is big enough to fit a nickel in, than it should probably be sealed up. Go to your local home improvement store and get a quality silicone caulking material and you can easily seal those gaps up. This will prevent heat loss and make your home more energy efficient.

Express Window Services | Prepare Your Home for WinterClean your gutters

Living in the Pacific Northwest region, we are no strangers to rain.  Heavy rainfall and windy conditions can cause a lot of debris to fall on our rooves and get stuck in our gutters. Clogged gutters can create hazards in colder weather, creating water leaks and ice cycles. Not to mention, pooled water in gutters can cause damage to your homes siding and trim.  You can hire someone to come clean your gutters out for you, and this may be the safest option. But if you are a do-it-yourselfer and have a ladder handy, you can certainly make quick work of the gutters on your own.

Exterior faucets

Leaving water in your pipes can cause them to freeze over on colder winter days. Freezing water expands as it turns to ice and can cause your pipes to burst. Damaged pipes can cause catastrophic damage to your home.  To help prevent your pipes from freezing, remove all garden hoses and drain the remaining water from the faucets. Purchasing some faucet covers from your local home improvement store will also help protect the faucets from freezing.


Before you fire up your stove or fireplace for the winter, make sure you have properly cleaned and maintained your chimneys or vents. This is for any fireplace or heating appliance you have in your home that requires a vent (gas, oil, wood, or coal burning stoves). A clogged or damaged vent can cause smoke damage to your home, carbon monoxide poisoning to your family, or even house fires.